<German Canadian Male Chorus of Calgary

Our Director
Susan Woodward
Susan Woodward
Our Accompanist
Correna Philips
Correna Phillips

Our 2010 Choir Photo

Choir Photo

Back Row:Ed Braun, Gordon Jacksteit, Will Bauer, Paul Hermann, John Iwanski, Peter Dolby

Fourth Row:Kyle Maschmeyer, Jim Heck, Raimund Haspel, Dieter Voortman, Horst Dischinger, Reinhard Skoracki, Siegmund Holzner, Alois Schoenmetzler, Paul Brown

Third Row:Peter Braun, Bill Woodward, Gunter Fischer, Michael Bohn, Mark Moore, Tom Spohr, Doug Broszat

Second Row:Gerhard Pflug, Laszlo Kajdy, Arthur Friedrich, Michael Lorenz, Hans Duiker, Harold Schultz, Klaus Schroll

Front Row:Susan Woodward, Alfred Payten, Rudi Dold, Bob Bippes

Not in Picture:Armin Weiffenbach, Arno Langer (deceased - see 2007 photo), Art Janke (see 2007 photo), Dale Kirschenman, Dave Taylor, Henno DeBoer (see 2007 photo), Herb Schmidt (see 2007 photo), Herb Ziesmann (see 2007 photo), Hubert Wiggers (see 2007 photo), Klaus Wittiger, Roger Thomas (see 2007 photo), Terry Cockerill (see 2007 photo), Terry Juravel, Ton Koomen (see 2007 photo), Wally Janssens (see 2007 photo), Charlie Mueller

HINT: Hold the cursor over a face in the picture for a few seconds to see the person's name.

Names By Section (2010)

1st Tenor 2nd Tenor 1st Bass 2nd Bass
Terry Cockerill
Henno DeBoer
Horst Dischinger
John Iwanski
Kyle Maschmeyer
Alfred Payten
Harold Schultz
Reinhard Skoracki
Dave Taylor
Armin Weiffenbach
Hans Duiker
Arthur Friedrich
Jim Heck
Paul Hermann
Ton Koomen
Michael Lorenz
Charlie Mueller
Mark Moore
Klaus Wittiger
Ed Braun
Doug Broszat
Paul Brown
Rudi Dold
Gunter Fischer
Gordon Jacksteit
Art Janke
Wally Janssens
Terry Juravel
Laszlo Kajdy
Dale Kirschenman
Gerhard Pflug
Roger Thomas
Hubert Wiggers
Bill Woodward
Will Bauer
Bob Bippes
Michael Bohn
Peter Braun
Peter Dolby
Raimund Haspel
Siegmund Holzner
Herb Schmidt
Alois Schoenmetzler
Klaus Schroll
Tom Spohr
Dieter Voortman
Herb Ziesmann

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