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About our Choir

Der deutsch - kanadische Männerchor aus Calgary singt zur Zeit unter der Leitung von Susan Woodward. Die Klavierbegleitung liegt buchstäblich in den Händen von Liz Tremblay. Vierzig aktive Stimmen geben in Calgary jährlich ein Konzert und nehmen an vielen zusätzlichen Veranstaltungen wie Weihnachtskonzerten, teil.

Die letzte große Konzerttournee im Jahr 2023, führte den Chor nach Stadthagen und Hügelsheim, Deutschland. Über die Jahre hindurch hat der Chor England, Österreich, Italien, Spanien und die USA besucht.

Ein grosses Anliegen des deutsch - kanadischen Männerchores ist die Kontaktpflege mit amerikanischen und europäischen Chören.

Im Jahr 2018 feierte der German Canadian Male Chorus sein 50-jähriges Bestehen.

Our History

The German Canada Male Chorus of Calgary was formed in 1968 and was incorporated in 1971 with a mission statement that calls upon its members to preserve, promote and develop the unique aspects of the German male choral tradition and the German-Canadian culture. At its inception in 1968 the chorus was made up of German-speaking males only - some of whom still serve with the choir today. Over the years other interested singers have joined its ranks and now the group boasts a broad base of membership.

The basic traditions and original purposes have been maintained and the group's repertoire remains predominantly in the German language. For example, in one year the Männerchor performed at St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, at the Austrian Club with the Heimatecho Choir, at the Prärie-Sängerfest in Medicine Hat, as guest of the Singgemeinschaft in the Euro-Centre and with the Dutch-Canadian Choir of Calgary for their Christmas Program at the St. James Catholic Church.

The choir members also greatly enjoy travelling widely to make new friendships and renew old ones when we perform on tour in the USA and Europe. Often our concerts there are shared with local choirs. Some of our favourite memories come from the 1998 trip which started with an invitation from the Male Chorus of Stadthagen and grew through invitations from groups in Weitze, Genthin, Eisemroth and Wesel. Most of these performances started with a formal part which demonstrated the range of the choir's repertoire. Renditions of familiar German music and an English version of the Battle Hymn of the Republic had the audiences roaring approval. In a more relaxed second half we called The Western Show, we were delighted and inspired to hear the crowds join in as we sung Clementine, Home on the Range and Ghost Riders in the Sky. The finale of the program, They All Call It Canada invariably resulted in a standing ovation. Topped off with tours of local spots of interest like the famous Keukenhof Gardens and Dillenberg Castle the whole trip was deemed a marvellous success.

In May and June 2005 the choir toured through Germany Austria and Italy, performing in three concerts and meeting many new friends.

In May 2008 the choir performed in Germany and Majorca, singing in three concerts with other choirs and  peforming for 2 hours at our hotel in Mallorca.

In May and June 2011 the choir toured through Germany, performing in Leipzig, Dresden and Weisswasser. The choir also celebrated its fortieth anniversary in 2011

In September 2014 the choir toured in Germany and Austria, performing in Flein, Germany, as well as Mooskirchen, St. Michael, Eibiswald, Radenthein and Seeboden in Austria.

In September 2017 the choir toured the United Kingdom.

The enjoyment and the comraderie that comes from participation in such a group are the draw that pulls us each back, year after year, to the first September meeting that starts the new season of rehersals and concerts.